Copper Classic - £6.00
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I.florentina - £6.00
I.florentina - collected (1500)
Season: Early/mid

I.foetidissima - £6.00
I.foetidissima - collected (1500)
Season: Mid to Late

I.fulva - £6.00
I.fulva - collected (N/R)
Season: Mid/late

I.germanica - £6.00
I.germanica - collected (N/R)
Season: Early/mid

I.pallida dalmatica - £6.00
Season: Mid-season

I.pallida pink form - £6.00
I.pallida pink form - collected (N/R)
Season: Mid-season

I.pallida var.argentea - £6.00
Season: Mid-season

I.pallida variegata - £6.00
Season: Mid-season - £6.00 - Spach (1846)
Season: Mid/late

I.swertii - £6.00
I.swertii - collected (1612)
Season: Mid/late

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