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Seagate Irises is a nursery set up specifically to offer a wider range of irises than previously available in England. We started in 2000 with a list of 100 tall bearded irises of recent provenance, obtained from the USA, France and Belgium. We have now added several Italian-bred varieties. Many are new to the UK market. All are offered at modest prices. We can now offer several newly-introduced varieties bred in England. For the coming season we offer a list of our selection of choice irises in pots from the nursery. It includes many varieties new to our catalogue. In the lifting season, we will be able to lift plants for you if we don't have them in pots.


We have well over 600 species in our display gardens which are open to the public every day from 10:00 to 17:00 00 in spring and summer. If you want to come at some other time, please call first to make sure we are there, 01406 364028 / 07766 862 603.

In early June we have about 400 varieties in bloom at the same time. Here we also grow other types of bearded iris - medians, dwarfs and miniatures, as well as the beardless sibiricas and a new range of bog and water irises. All of our stocks are selected for our catalogues after we have carried out trials to establish vigour, susceptibility to disease and adaptation to our climate. You will not be offered any plants that are imported without being tested in our nursery.

We have built up a collection of historic irises (all introduced more than 30 years ago) so that the enthusiasts for these are not forgotten. We try to stock as many Dykes Medal winners as possible. We have over 300 historics to date. We are always looking to add more, if you have any to sell. We were holders of the National Collection of Historic Irises.

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Seagate Irises
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